Sunday, December 22, 2019

Human Collective Community And Organizational Actions

â€Å"We the Green Suiters are the problem. We want to do everything ourselves and not incorporate others that can help us be successful and we don’t consider everyone when we develop our plans† – Undisclosed United States Army Field Grade Officer Without planned and tested organizational and community control of emergency response mitigation, efforts can be like herding cats. Our collective community and organizational actions for response to both disasters and emergencies regardless of scope need effective and effective management. The execution of imagination using the worst imaginable scenario and walking through all of the points of failure will enable the team to plan and exercise actions for a wide variety of situations. In†¦show more content†¦330). With this broad charge, ICS provides a framework to effectively manage emergencies and disasters, including a Mass Casualty Event (MCE). That said we have to understand the tools besides individual an d collective task execution that he Incident Commander is able to use to bring things to the communities expected level of normalcy. Along with the management structure the SOP of Standard Operation Procedure provides this for us. It focuses on the frame work of helping to organize actions of the internal departments as well as how external organizations will fit into inter-agency cooperation to mitigate threats and hazards including response to a MCE. Hospitals identified that although ICS was needed it did not support their processes efficiently enough. According to Fromm (2009), â€Å"†¦there are difficulties in implementation of the pure system into the different hierarchical structure of hospital institutions† (p. 317) and â€Å"The compromise†¦was the†¦[hospital Emergency command System]†¦HEICS.† (Fromm 2009, p. 317). Hospitals understood that here was a need to have an organized system that help them do the same things that the pure version o f ICS would do for the first responder on the scene of a large fire or natural disaster. Therefore they evolved the system and made it fit into their organization. According to Fromm (2009), â€Å"The major difference in the system is the abil9ity of the hospital to preselect the candidates for certain

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