Thursday, December 5, 2019

IT Management Automated Coffee Vending Machine

Question: Discuss about the IT Management Automated Coffee Vending Machine. Answer: Business and IT goals The objectives and goals of the proposed system should be as discussed below: Improvement on business operation processes: business are all automated and the system will not need sending business process from one to another process. Decreased costs: No need for employing service personnel since the customers can serve themselves as everything is done by the machine through customer self-service. Improving business operation services: When the business operation costs are reduced, the business services are improved as well. The quality of delivering services to the customers will lead to improved operation services. Reduced risks through use of counterfeit detecting systems. Decreased service time as the customer has no much verbal communication with the system than when served by humans. Ensure service availability since the vending machine can operate throughout the day and night sessions, the customer will access the services at times of their need. Improved manageability: the system can be easily managed as it has code rules and controls. Make an easy to use system that has quick user friendly interface and simplicity. Develop a system that incorporates simple decision making logics that enables the system to realize fake money and no money. Modelling the system The following is a data flow diagram of the business scenario. Analysis The model above starts by accepting a new customer order. The customer orders for a pop and the system checks for the pop availability before requesting for the money charges. If the pop is not available, the system displays a message that it is out of stock. If the system has the pops, it requests for the money charges for the pop ordered by the customer. It checks the money for counterfeits against its set database on money originality. If the money is fake, it rejects the money and closes the order. Otherwise it accepts the money and dispenses a pop while checking if the money value has any expected balance. If there is balance, the system dispenses the money balances and closes the order, else it just closes the order. The diagram below shows the whole model of the system designed in Visio. How the IT can implement the model To implement the model, the following hardware components are required: Money detecting machine Money holding safe box Money dispensing machine Money counting machine Pop dispensing machine Microprocessors for hardware programing components While the above are available, the coding is a must which will provide the operations through instructions executions. The code should be incorporated into the microprocessor that will allow all hardware components interaction and operations. The program will consist of rules to control the dispensing of the pops and as well the control on money charges and detections.

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