Friday, February 28, 2020

Describe a place or enviroment where you are perfectly content what do Essay

Describe a place or enviroment where you are perfectly content what do you do or experience ther and why is it meaningful to you - Essay Example I am perfectly content in my grandparents’ house because it is a place that encourages long conversations and symbolizes the role of family as a permanent source of support, guidance, and inspiration. My grandparents have a big house that they built through decades of hard work in business, and now, it has become a friendly environment where family and peers can drop by anytime to spend time with one another, particularly sharing personal and other kinds of stories. My cousins and I used to go there daily. Sometimes, when there are no classes, we stay the whole day, playing at the wide backyard with fruit-bearing trees or just lazing around in the front yard reading comics and books. The best times are storytelling times with my grandparents. My grandma and grandpa have different genres they specialize in. My grandpa is fond of histories and documentaries, while grandma talks about folk tales and personal life stories. When I listen to them, I feel transported to their older worlds or other imaginary places. They have a way of speaking and describing characters, settings, and plots that enthrall their audiences. Even when some stories are grisly and scary, I feel safe in the have n of my grandparents’ house. Besides listening to histories and folk stories, I love the long conversations we have when we eat together. Every day, a family or friend drops by and brings food and good stories. My grandparents have a long dining table that can fit fifteen people. Around it are smaller tables. The dining room is designed with conversations in mind, where people can listen to one another and share their stories and ideas openly, but respectfully. I remember when my grandmother told their love story. Their love story has a familiar plot because she and grandpa started as friends, until they fell in love in college. I love the parts where grandpa would visit grandma and he would bring her food, instead of flowers. She prefers good food over flowers that wilt. She

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