Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 143

Discussion - Essay Example However, this is where the influence ends. Contrary to conventional logic, man is neither inherently superior to other beings nor the custodian of nature (Huxley, 1936). In fact, even from an intuitive standpoint, some animals complement nature better than man. Ecologically, man exists in nature, not vice-versa. For example, children are born in environments in which the elements necessary for survival (water, breathable air, sunlight, etc.) already abound. As such, man along with other beings, forms part of the mostly passive occupants of the natural world. Nature affects man more than man affects it, and the relationship between the two entities relies on man’s responsibility towards nature (Huxley, 1936). The universality of nature means that through individual responsibility, everybody has a right to make decisions concerning nature. Nature is everywhere, whether in the hinterland or 21st-century cities. When many people make bad decisions about their respective ecosystems, a diffusive effect is created that puts the universe in jeopardy (Dillard, 2011). This implies that individual responsibility is the best way to coexist (not govern) nature. In summary, although resources can be controlled via legal avenues, nature itself can not be controlled by a designated

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